Wood to Gas Converter

A Revolutionary New - High Efficiency Wood Burning - Breakthrough


The "Wood Doctor"




"The Converter"


"Converts Wood to Gas (Smoke) and Gas to Heat"

In a process called “Gasification”

The Secondary Burning Chamber - Burns the Gas & Smoke!


A Clean - Green - Burning Machine


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Virtually Smoke Free


Nearly 100% Efficiency - Uses 50% Less Wood


















Heats up to 10,000 ft2, Heat Multiple Buildings





30 Year Waranty


Longest in the Industry



Clean, Green, Renewable Energy






The Highest Efficiency - 97.2%

Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler Avalible.!




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What is an Outdoor Wood Furnace?

An outdoor wood furnace is as the name implies - a furnace that sits outdoors. The furnace, looking much like a small utility building, is a wood-fired, water-jacketed stove. The water in the jacket is simply heated and pumped underground through insulated pipes to the building that needs to be heated. At this point the heat from the water is extracted. This process is not expensive and adapts easily to all heating systems. The outdoor furnace concept is very simple, effective, safe and cost-efficient. As a bonus, it also takes care of all your domestic hot water needs; the element in your hot water heater need never kick in. We also have models that will fit inside your shop or woodshed.


Benefits of an Outdoor Furnace

Safety. Our furnace is made to be situated in the yard, away from the house. The usual distance is 50 to 150 feet but it can be twice this distance and still do the job. Outdoor furnaces remove the dangers of wood stove fires in the house. Any fire department that compares the safety of indoor units versus outdoor ones will have to admit that outdoor furnaces are the winners; this safety feature is usually reflected in lower insurance rates.

Convenience. The furnace is located out in the yard and can be situated beside the wood pile. This eliminates the mess of sawdust, smoke, ashes, bugs and dirt in the house. Our injection air furnace burns any type and quality of wood, wet or dry, unsplit and in lengths of up to 72". The burn time can reach 48 hours or more per fill. One furnace can heat multiple buildings; there is no need to purchase a heat source for each.

Cost Savings. Residential and commercial buildings, shops, garages, motels, factories, restaurants can all be heated easily with our furnaces. There is no more need to use gas or electricity to heat domestic water, hot tubs, swimming pools, our furnaces will do it better, and at a fraction of the cost.


Wood Dr Outdoor Boiler
Revolutionary Wood Burning High Efficiency Breakthrough
Wood Doctor -

"Converts Wood to Gas (Smoke) and Gas to Heat"

A Clean - Green - Burning Machine


Heat your House, and your Garage, and your Hot Tub,

and your Pool, using Cheap or Free Wood.


You could even Heat your neighbor’s house, for a reduced monthly fee,

or split the cost, wood, & daily loading. Or Not.


Heats up to 10,000. ft2


Virtually Smoke Free
Nearly 100% Efficiency, Uses 50% Less Wood

Heats up to 10,000 ft2 - Heat Multiple Buildings
30 Year Waranty
The Highest Efficiency Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler Avalible.!

Now you can Burn,

Pine, and a # of Pine actually has more BTUs than a # of OAK.

Green Wood  -  Wet Wood  -  Soft Wood & Brush.

Construction & Demo Scrap Wood, Old Wood Furniture, etc.

Wood Chips  -  Bark.

Cardboard - newspaper & junk mail, in small quantities.



Note : The Manufacture does not recommend burning trash.



The Wood Doctor Converter represents the new generation of Outdoor Furnaces.

It burns less wood and is environmentally friendly having little smoke emission.

This makes it the only legal choice in many urban built up areas.

It converts wood to gas and gas to heat.

Wood Dr. Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler


Fortress Green Building Supply :

Official "Wood Doctor" Dealer in Mass & RI.


How the Wood Doctor Converter Works:

Drying Chamber
In the Wood Doctor Converter, heat that rises is trapped in the Drying Chamber where it dries out the wood and eventually transfers to the water exchanger... no heat or emissions escape out the flue.

Initial Firebox
This is the chamber where the actual fire occurs. In the off cycle the wood burns with no open flame and the heat and creosote smoke rise upwards into the Drying Chamber. In the on cycle the flames are pulled down through the coals creating a very efficient burn. The fire is Upside down. Dry wood is automatically fed as required.

The wood is first placed on a ledge and then tipped into the hopper. This prevents hang-ups. The hopper holds wood up to 26 inches with a total capacity of over 11 cubic feet.

Final Combustion Chamber
This is a separate insulated ceramic chamber underneath the Firebox. The heated air in the firebox, including all smoke gas and creosote, is drawn downwards through the hot bed of coals and into the Final Combustion Chamber. Injection Air is added from above the coals and also pulled through the coals. The extreme heat (up to 2000°) ignites all gases including smoke and creosote. These gases, which would otherwise be exited out the flue, are used as fuel giving nearly 100% burn efficiency. You can expect the Converter to use up to 50% less wood than most wood stoves on the market.Water Temperature Simply turn a dial and the Converter matches the heat produced to the heat required. Big buildings or small - one size furnace does it all without excess fuel consumption.

Injection Air
A fire needs air to continue burning. The Converter features Air Injection. When the water temperature drops, air is injected into the firebox in measured quantities in just the right location - much like a blacksmith's forge. The fire burns extremely hot. Upon reaching the preset temperature, the air injection reduces and allows the fire to burn without open flame. During this stage, the heat produced is transferred to the Drying Chamber.



Also the Original Wood Doctor Outdoor WoodBurning Boilers



Wood Doctor OutDoor Wood Boiler






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Ranked #1 NEW! Print our Brochures 30 Year Warranty


Americas Most Popular Heavy Duty Outdoor Wood Furnace.

outdoor wood furnace, wood doctor furnaces

30 year warranty on boiler plate.• Clean burning converter is virtually smokefree.

Wood Doctor Outdoor Wood Furnace provide hot water for heating existing forced air or radiant systems. Heating with wood has never been easier. Instead of moving the wood and mess indoors, the boiler is outdoors next to the wood. 15 year warranty on heavy gauge stainless steel.

One unit may heat your house, shop, swimming pool, hot tub, greenhouse,and factory.



Phone: 508-971-1004


Installation Details

Simple Hookup

Wood Doctor Flat Plate Heat Exchangers are ideal for hooking up to
your existing hot water system.



http://wooddoctorfurnace.com/plate-ex1.png http://wooddoctorfurnace.com/plate-ex2.png




Heat your domestic hot water with your Wood Doctor Outdoor Furnace

Easily heat the water in your existing hot water heater with
your Wood Doctor Outdoor Wood Furnace.




Wood Doctor Hot Air System


An water to air heat exchanger, installed in the plenumn of your existing heating system.

The Wood Doctor water to air exchanger.Scroll Down

Wood Doctor Brand Heat Exchangers.



Hot Air Exchangers with built in fans.
The 63,000 or 148,000 or 171,000 btu rads are available
in a Wood Doctor hydronic heater unit.
* Actual BTU output depends on airflow and water temperature.



Hook up your Wood Doctor Furnace for Infloor Radiant Heat.

Many homes and businesses today have started using
Radiant infloor heating. The hookup for this system is
not as difficult as you might think.

Manifold for Radiant heat



Heat your Pool or Spa with your Wood Doctor Outdoor Furnace

The Wood Doctor carries a large selection of accesories for
all your heating needs including all new tube and shell exchangers.
Perfect for heating your pool, spa or hot tub.

Efficient shell and tube exchangers.

Tube & Shell Heat Exchangers are available in sizes from
130,000 BTU to 1 Million BTU


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