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Please Note: This site has some damaged files & e-stuff, and is only partially up on-line, and is in prosess of being Re-Built. 


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Building Supply


IntegraSpec ICF Castle / Fortress

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High Efficiency / High Performance


Green Building Products


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 (High Performance   –   Low Cost)




Green Building Consultation

Residential & Commercial


 Existing Building or Plan Evaluation for Energy Smart or

Green Building / Alternate Energy Options


Optimum Green Options Analysis   

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Green Project Supervision

Green Building Construction & Project Management

Only a limeted No, of High-Efficiency-Green Projects (1 or 2 a year). 



We at  Fortress Green Building Supply focus on Energy Efficient Design and Implement


"High Efficiency / High Performance"  Green Building Systems

We realize that in the real world, costs do matter, and most people are on a budget.  This is Essential in Evaluating a potential Green Building project where costs should Maximize on Energy Efficiency & Reducing Fossil Fuel waste, and create a real affordability factor utilizing real Energy Dollar Savings, vs. Monthly Mortgage & Utilities.


What is a "High Efficiency / High Performance Green Building”? 

 Our simple philosophy on

"High Efficiency / High Performance" Green Buildings"  is;

Utilize First and Foremost, Proven Advancements in Energy Efficient Construction Technology, that are Extremly Durable, and Dependable, Safe, Non-Offgassing, Healthy, Certified Green os Sustainable, and Most Importantly,,, Extremely Energy Efficient... 

We Select and Utilize Only High Rating & High-Efficiency Specialized Systems, Materials, Methods and Components, that are necessary to Reduce (the most costly, and environmentally destructive, continual requirement for our homes),,,  Heating Fuel & Cooling Energy Wastes!

Why not take advantage of Building Technology the way we do in most everything else in our lives?  

Just because grandpa didn't build it that way,,, if Grandpa were here now,,, He Would,,, because it just makes too much sense to ignore,,, in a world that often doesent make or use common sense anymore.

Why should our Homes and Buildings be Forgotten and Neglected with Obsolete Building Methods and Materials,,, especially when it can save us Lots of Money, Energy, Maintainence, and yes, Pollution... 

Building "High Efficiency Green Buildings" is just the right thing, and common sense thing to do.  

When you see something wrong you fix it right?  Or if you find a better way to do something, you do it that way right,,,?  Well we do...   How about giving up your cell phone, and just using a land line or pay-phone,,, or switching your computer for a typwrighter,,,  "I don't think so",,,  so why build the cheapest possible "Minimum Code" home or building,,, thats already well known to be obsolete, wastefull & highly dependant on an undependable supply of fossil fules???


We at the Fortress,,, Research, Test & Select only the Highest Performing Technologies/Materials,,, and Only the Most Durable, Long Lasting, Healthy and Safest systems available anywhere.

It is very surprising to many people, that these High Performance “Green Building Systems” Don’t Cost much more, than the basic Minimum Code Homes, only 5% to 10% more.  This is very Green sensible, especially since many Green Homes are 5% to 20% smaller than traditional.  When planning an Energy Efficient, Sustainable, or Green Home it is easier to offset these costs with an efficient design, and homes can also be made to be expandable, for young families with tight budgets.


Its Not the "Green" that Costs More,,, Its the De$ign Factors and $pecification$ !!! $$$ in the plan!!!

We can often make slight Design changes in the plan, and Save many thousands of dollars, and if you exchange this $avings for a High-Efficiency building envelope, you can save many more thousands of dollars each and every year you or your decendants live there, as well as many furure generations.

Our selected systems, materials, and components will actually pay for any extra upfront costs in 3 to 7 years,,, and can actually Fully Pay For Themselves over time,,, buy saving you 50% to 80% of the Heating & Cooling Fuel Costs $$$ in Energy Savings Dividends!!!  And after they pay for themselves, they will continue to pay you back in Continued Energy Saving Dividends, more and more as the cost for energy goes up and up, and will do this essentially forever. 

With "IntegraSpec" Insulated Concrete Forms buildings now can last for potentially many centuries instead of years...  The Roman Pantheon, the worlds largest freestanding concrete dome, was built in 125 Ad, (Almost 2000 years ago) out of un-protected concrete, meaning it was exposed to the Sun, Wind, Rain, Hail, and most detrimental to concrete occasional freezing tempatures... 

With "IntegraSpec" Insulated Concrete Forms, the concrete is protected,,, and will never be exposed to the harmful elements that deteriorate the concret, Sun, Wind, Rainor Freezing Temps, as the external Insulation works sysnergystically with the inner Insulation to keep the concrete a nutural ambiant tempature, well above freezing, so these ICF buildings have th potential to last for 2000 or more years, replacing perhapts dozens of buildings in it's place, now thats what I call Sustainability and Durability.!!!

What other building products can do this, Green, Energy Efficient, or not???     

This is why we don’t sell many products that can’t pay their own way, and just look pretty. 

Pretty is good, but not so good if it costs you double, as many Green Products Do (Yes Double and more).  Most of our products perform Double to Triple times than that of standard building materials, but only cost 5% to 10% more than standard building materials.  You can Build Green & Save Green.!!!

P.S. Just kidding about the pretty stuff (sort of).  All of our systems are finished with the absolute best of whatever stunning finnishes you choose.  And have completed period looking additions on to certified Historical Homes, as well as high styled modern contemporaries.

P.P.S. We do also get many very pretty & decorative & very cool Green products for a lot less, whatever your budget, whatever your style. (Bigger styles for the bigger budget)

 ICF CastleICF houseIntegraSpec ICF R-2000 homeHello World!



Also Note: In addition to Supplying Green Building Materials,,,  We also do the following to help make the world a Cleaner, Greener, Healthier, and Safer,,,   Happy Cool place.



(High Performance   –   Low Cost)


Note : The Link to the Green Services Page is Broken, so I temporarily Pasted it here. 



Fortress Green,,, Professional Services  


Green Building  “Consultation”   &  “Green Teem - Architect, Builder, Committie, Collaboration"  

"Plan Greening”  +     ( We Make you're Blue Print "Green" )

Green Building Site Analysis & Green Building Construction Cost Analysis

Home Evaluations -  Green and/or  Alternate Energy Options  "Green Potential Analysis"  Now Only .

"Green" Construction Management

"Green Building  “Design / Build” (Limeted No, of buildings / year)

Passive Solar,,, Ballanced Active Hybred & Thermal Storage Systems



Fortress Green, Alternate Energy + Services

High Efficiency Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors & Systems 

Wind Generation, Design, Sales & Installation

PV Solar Systems 

Passive Solar & Hybred Solar Buildings & Systems

" Wood Doctor "  Gasification Boiler- Outdoor WoodBurning Boiler

"It Dosn't Burn Wood, It Burns Gasses"  The Cleanest Burning and Highest Efficiency Outdoor Woodburning Boiler in the World.  Virtually No Smoke, No Pollution, No Ashes.   Passes all New Local & State Emmissions Tests, for banning of many Outdoor Wood Boilers.    --  Don't Smoke out your neighbors  --   See -  Wood Doctor - The Converter -

"IntegraSpec"  Insulated Concrete Forms "ICFs" 

"Insul-Deck"  Insulated Floor & Radiant Heat System 

"Insul-Deck"  Insulated Roof & Green Roof System 

Green Roof - Water-Proofing, Insulation, & Drainage Materials



Green-Health-Safety-Comfort, Value Added Systems

Radon Evacuation Systems, for New & Existing Basements

Basement Water- Proofing & Drainage Systems, for New & Existing Buildings

Warm-Dry / Basement-Wall Systems, for New & Existing Basements

Warm-Dry / Basement-Floor Systems, for New & Existing Basements

Radiant Heating Systems for New and Retrofitting Existing Slabs & Floors

Healthy Indoor-Air, Heat-Recovery & Energy-Recovery Ventilation Systems



Specialty Programs 

Contractor &  Builder  Programs 

Non-Profit / Charity Programs   (We Love working with Habitat for Humanity)    

Homeowner (DIY) ICF Program, you Build with a Trained & Certified “IntegraSpec” Installer.

Fortress Homeowner  "Build Your Own Green Home" Programs

 "DIY" now Improved with,,, "Do-Wap" (Do it Yourself With A Pro).

The thought of Building your own home can be pretty scary and pretty Risky for those not fully experienced in all phases of Home Construction.  Now add the new Green Building Technologies, Concepts, Materials, Methods, Alternate Energy options and Costs, and it can get a whole lot scarier.

For the untrained homeowner, Sub-Contractors, Specialized Tradesmen, Carpenters, Laborers, Suppliers, Installers, Salesmen, and Building Inspectors, can make things even more difficult for you, and easier, and more profitable, for themselves.

But now you can have a Fortress Green Guardian, Help and Guide you installing an “IntegraSpec” ICF Basement, and or 1st & 2nd floor ICF or “R-Control” SIP Walls, and many other Building Green Options.

Or you can have a “Fortress,Green Construction Project Manager” planning out your project, Directing Construction, and helping you make important decisions about complex Green Building, Design, Technologies, Materials, Scheduling, Implementation, Alternate Energy Feasibility Options, Sizing, Placement, & Storage, Indoor Air Quality Systems, Structural loads, and a myriad of other common & uncommon Problems & Options.

Now there are Two New Green options for Building a High Efficiency Green Home, get the benefits of building your own home (Saving a lot of money & adding Extra Quality) without the normal risks involved, for a fraction of the cost.  Get in the protection of the Fortress, while you build your own castle.


1. Homeowner “DIY” Do It Yourself, with a Trained IntegraSpec ICF Installer,,,  now called the

Fortress "Do-Wap" (Do it Yourself With A Pro)   "ICF Wall Program".

This is a Fun & Exciting, Cost Saving way to Build a High Efficiency / Home or Building.   

By implementing the Highest Efficiency, Strongest, and Healthiest, Basement /Lower Level, or Frost Wall available the average Energy Savings are automatically 20% to 35% Better than Minimum Code Homes, even if you put a modular home on it.  The Same holds true for the 1st & 2nd & 17th floor, but the average home with complete IntegraSpec ICF walls, will Save 50% or better, depending on the Roof system, Windows, Doors, etc. 

There are many IntegraSpec ICF Homes with + 60%, 70%, and even + 80% Better Efficiency Ratings than Minimum Code Homes, and the next step a Zero Energy Home, is Not Surprisingly, Much Easier to Achieve.


2.  Fortress "DIY" Homeowner  "Build Your Own Green HomeProgram,,,  now called the

Fortress "Do-Wap" (Do it Yourself With A Pro) "Build your own Green Home" Program.

Note : Only "High Efficiency" Green Buildings are eligible for this Program, all Homes are at least 50% more Efficient than Minimum Code Homes. 

Also Note : With the all the Building Cost Savings and reduced commission % added up, using the Fortress Green Guardian, “Green Construction Manager” the costs for a High Efficiency Green Building can be -20% to 0%, more than a Minimum Code Home, if you do some of the work.  Or -10% to +10% if you do none of the work. 

E-Mail for more info & Options, and send whatever Plans / Sketches & or Ideas you have, so we can help you realize your dream. 

E-Mail First, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Then Call if we don’t call you back in 2 days, or if you just have questions Call, 508-971-1004    


Special Note: We would very much like to Build a Zero Energy and/or a Passive House, in S.E. Mass, and have the knowledge and experience to do it, we just haven’t had an opportune situation yet, even though we are willing to do a Zero Energy or Passive House for up to ½ our normal cost margins.

A recent home project in Westport, Ma, was just cut out of the running to be a Zero Energy Home, by the towns Historic Commission.  It seems that rebuilding the historic low pitch roof wasn’t pretty enough, even though the original building had one, go figure??? So now a South facing Gable roof must be employed in a Historic neighborhood, not a pretty picture for PV.

Anyway, We will be taking applications for a High Efficiency Zero Energy Building, to be built for a near zero commission fee of 5%, that’s ½ to ¼ the Normal Builders Commission % Fee.  To be built in S.E. Mass, within 20 miles of Dartmouth, Ma. Sorry guys, but it’s not really too Green to drive ½ way across the State every day, no matter who says, or what you drive...  But we can still do a Fortress "DIY" Homeowner  "Build Your Own Green Home" up to 1 hr away, as we will have to be ‘on site’ only a few times a week for a month, and then a few times / month for 6 months, most of the planning, estimating, pricing, evaluation, digital photo progress updates & inspections, and most communications can be done electronically, and you can do some of the easy, big dollar work.

We could potentially build a Zero Energy or Passive House for only +5% to + 20% More than a Minimum Code Home, that’s about 1/2 the average cost,,, depending on Building Design, Size of home, Rooms, Roof Span, Orientation, Wasted Space, Site Conditions, etc. the biggest single expense is Not Surprisingly the PV system, or Wind / PV Combo, but we get Dealer Prices, but we are willing to Split them in ½ with our Special Projects Customers.

High Efficiency Green Buildings 



Fortress Also Offers


Basement Water- Proofing Systems : 

Radon Evacuation Systems :

Basement Slab Insulating Systems : 



Real Green News you Can Use

The Most Important and most overlooked Green Building (and just common sense) Building Material advancement to come along since Insulation or poured concrete basements,,, the Insulated Concrete Form or (ICF).

This Low Price Green Building Material has the ability to Cut Heating & Cooling Costs by a Minimum of 50%, when used with standard good building practices, and up to 80% when used in conjunction with advanced Green Building practices.

Simply putbesides $aving you 50%+++ in Heating & Cooling Costs, they also Reduce the amount of Solar Panels required for your home by 50%+++.  Or the size & Cost of expensive Geothermal systems, or whatever type of Clean Green Energy system you trust to invest in. 

Even if your from the old school, & think your being smart by saving a few bucks now (to build your home bigger for cheaper) and buy only a conventional furnace or boiler.  An ICF basement alone, will pay for itself in 3 to 5 years, even if you just use your basement for a cellar, or dungeon. 

But if you’re like 85% of the rest of us, you will eventually remodel your dungeon, and try to make it a clean, dry, healthy, living space.  But it has been recently discovered that most finished Basements have dangerous levels of Mold.



(High Performance   –   Low Cost)


Fortress High Efficiency Green Building Products


"IntegraSpec" Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs).

We are the Southern Mass. & R.I. Distributors for IntegraSpec.

IntegraSpec is the strongest & most technically advanced building system on the market.

IntegraSpec Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction is the Absolute Superior method of building construction that is available, at any price range, residential, commercial, institutional, luxury or affordable.

Yet, this High Quality upgrade, adds only 3% to 7% to a projects cost for an ICF basement, and save 35% in Heating & Cooling Costs.  The cost for a complete Home or Building, adds only 5% to 10% to a projects cost , and can save 50% to 80% in Heating & Cooling costs, and add Many Thousands in Increased Resale Value to your home by having insulated and finished basement walls.

ICF buildings are much much Stronger, Safer, Quieter, Warmer, Dryer, Greener, and Cooler,  and last much, much Longer than any other type of building construction.

(The Romans built the Coliseum out of unprotected Concrete in 72 AD).              continued


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IntegraSpec Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

Slab on grade homes (or the California Ranch House) with cost effective Radiant Heated Floors are back and saving $$ with ICFs  (Eliminate the need to climb icy stairs to get in your new house or addition).                             
IntegraSpec ICFs use only one half or less energy, to heat or cool with, and are impervious to mold.

(Warm dry basement walls and no dampness or high humidity), ICFs are more Sustainable, “Greener”, and Healthier than any other building system available.

ICF buildings can take on any shape, size, siding type or interior finish available, they leave 1/20th  or less, as much job-site waste and that’s used as insulation .   

It is the ideal system for radiant heat and walk out basements, as well as High Efficiency Slab on Grade buildings.

IntegraSpec's ICF Basement System is also the most Cost Effective, and Efficient way to achieve a Zero Energy Home, or add extra easy points for LEEDs rated buildings. 

This also translates into Big Savings for a Solar Home or Building, the more Heat is saved, the less of a heating system is needed.  This can save thousands in Solar Collectors & Storage systems, etc.


A brief intro:   Tim Lyden; founder of Fortress Green Building Supply.

Since a boy, I was helping my family remodeling and building houses, I started my own Framing & Construction Co. at 25.

I’ve been Building Houses, Condos, Town Houses, Apt. Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Historical Replications, and a Variety of Unique and Interesting Buildings, Additions, Furniture, and Structures since.

In the late 70s I installed Solar Heating, and Passive Solar Room Additions, and implemented the (Super Insulation) construction methods, necessary for efficient Solar heating.   After experimenting with different insulating methods, I soon realized there was no short cut.  Super Insulation was expensive, time consuming, and difficult to achieve in a stud interrupted frame, and some methods could perpetrate mold. 

Yet extra insulation (above minimum building codes) is a sound investment that pays for itself over a short period of time, and then pays dividends on energy $avings forever.   Note:  What's been called “Super Insulation” is the amount of insulation required to keep heating costs at least 33% less than conventional, and in line with fuel costs, the minimum building codes do not.
I've worked with Post & Beam Framing and Stress Skin Panels or Structurally Insulated Panels SIPs, and find these walls warm & efficient, especially the 10” & 12” panels, and these panels are great for high efficiency roof systems, 10” = R-39 & 12” = R-48.  SIP panels can also be used without a beam system for exterior walls; the roof systems can come up to 24’ lengths, and can give you a full attic space or cathedral ceilings, and we often use this system for high efficiency roof & Dormer systems.

We also have a Metal Roof SIPs system with an R-45, available in many colors, that’s great for various residential, commercial, institutional projects.

I built a chicken coop with these, and it doesn’t get below 40° inside even when it’s below 0° outside for a week.  With one 100 watt light bulb, 12 chickens, 3 Turkeys, & 2 Peacocks stay very warm & comfy inside.
You can't get close to this with conventional construction.

For Basement walls and upper exterior walls, nothing can beat the ICFs, Insulating Concrete Form wall system, for its Extreme Strength & Safety, High Comfort Qualities, Sound-Proofing abilities, Mold Resistance, Extreme Durability, and its Very High Energy Efficiency, it’s the absolute ultimate wall system there is in any category, period.

The Secret or Magic of ICFs is that the concrete is sandwiched between two layers of foam, and it never gets hot or cold.

It maintains a neutral ambient temp inside like a Thermos.  This means the rate at which heat escapes is cut in half, and the thermal storage properties of the concrete, maintain that heat, and eliminate temperature swings between day and night.

According to the U.S. Dept of Energy, this extra Thermal Heat Storage adds an extra 6% heat savings over and above the R-value equivalence alone.  IntegraSpec's R-value equivalence is R-40 to R-50, for a 4" to 12" wall, and R-54 below 10°f.

A regular basement wall, 8" to 12” of concrete has an R-value of R-1.         

The average energy savings for an IntegraSpec building is 50% to 80%.

The average energy savings for an IntegraSpec Basement or 1st level is 35%, largely because your eating units won’t be left out in the cold, plus you can save a couple thousand bucks by eliminating the outdated method, of insulating the basement ceiling, so your whole basement and floors stay warm.                                                                                    
Additional benefits;

For Radiant floor heating, you cant get any better; the floors get warm and stay warmer!     

You’ll also have peace of mind, knowing that you’re protecting your family with the safest house buildable, whether it is fire, winds, Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods, or whatever.

IntegraSpec Insulated Concrete Houses are virtually indestructible.  ICF walls are also Sound-Proof, and Mold-Proof, and Rot-Proof, and of course Cold-Proof.

No second guessing if the builder is cutting corners on your investment and safety.     

Check out the web site,  www.Integraspec.com  for the most energy efficient house in Canada.                

Ps. IntegraSpec has won numerous awards, and is certified Sustainable and Green Build, If you have any questions, or would like to see an IntegraSpec ICF building under construction, or completed in the S. Mass & RI area, just give a call 508-971-1004                                      

E-Mail,   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

PPs we are also suppliers and installers of Insul-Deck, a lightweight insulating concrete forming system for floors and roofs that is ideal for radiant floor heating.

This system is proven to reduce energy costs, and is often less expensive than wood floor radiant systems, and is much more efficient, www.insul-deck.org  ck it out.  

























Super-Insulated Concrete Walls






Tomorrows Buildings Today


“Green” Building Project Management
38 Faunce Corner Rd.
Dartmouth, Ma. 02747
Fax 508-993-7018

E-Mail to  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  



Fortress’s “Make the World a Better PlaceMission.

Fortress Green Building Supply's “Make the World a Better PlaceMission.

........Help Make the World a Better, Cleaner, Greener place.......


“Fortress Green Building Supply” & “The Green Patriots”  www.FortressGreenBuildingSupply.com

Note: Free Solar & ICF, Hands on Training Available...

Now you can do something to help fight Global Warming, Pollution, and our Dependence on Hostile Foreign Oil (Help National Security) and Help make the World a Better Place by teaming up with "Fortress" on there "Make the World a Better Place" Mission. 

.......Note: These Projects are all for Free Volunteer, Non Profit Projects.......(El-Zero’s Daneroze)

Now you don't have an excuse to 'Not Do Anything' you have an open Invitation and Opportunity to Help Make the World a Better, Cleaner, Greener place, and it's Free...


Green Building Projects coming up…

1.  IntegraSpec ICF Basement,: Plymouth - Habitat for Humanity(Volunteer + Free Training)

Get Free ICF Training, Hands on Green Building Experience, do a good deed for a day or two, and have fun doing it.  This is our 3rd Habitat ICF project, and 2nd Habitat Green Building, they see the sense of it.

2.  High Performance/High Efficiency ICF Green & Solar Home, in Westport, Ma. 

*Part time help wanted (***).  + Free Training

3.  High Performance/High Efficiency ICF Basement & SIP panel Green Home in Taunton Ma. ***

4.  Solar Hot Water Install - Providence Rescue Mission - (Volunteer + Free Training)

Get Free Solar Training, Hands on Green 'Solar Thermal' Experience, do a good deed for a day or two, and have fun doing it.

5. High Performance/High Efficiency ICF Green & Solar Home in Easton, Ma. ***&***


.Become a Real “Green Patriot” Reply E-Mail or Call today.


(Now more than ever, our country needs Green Patriots))



For info Call:  508-971-1004   


The Green Patriots

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